Samsung Galaxy M31 Specification Coming From Malaysia

Samsung Galaxy M31: The Samsung Galaxy M Series phone will be available online from March 25 even though the business is closed in Malaysia till March 7. Interested buyers will be able to order from Samsung’s official online store.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Specification

The Galaxy M1 phone will cost 5 Malaysian Ringgit or US $ 25. However, it will be available at the Malaysian Ringgit (5 USD) for the opening offer. You must order from 12pm to 2pm on the 21st of March to receive the offer.

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Price of The Phone

The budget smartphone will be available in three colors – black, blue and red. It has a Super AMOLED display, a 5ml amphio battery which is useful for any day to day use. It has 5 GB RAM and 12 GB memory storage.

A few weeks ago a version of this phone’s 4GB memory storage was also marketed in India. Available in Malaysia for only 120 GB storage.

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